Compulsory Microchipping of Dogs

Recognising the many benefits of pet microchips, the government is currently introducing laws that will make it illegal to own a dog that is not microchipped if it is older than eight weeks old. The Compulsory Microchipping of Dogs became law in England, Wales and Scotland in April 2016 and has been law in Northern Ireland since 2012.

Why make microchipping dogs compulsory?

Microchips are compulsory for dogs to raise owner responsibility and improve the welfare of dogs by:

  • Making it easy to identify a dog and its true owner, meaning more stray dog are returned.
  • Ensuring greater traceability of owners, making them accountable for their dog’s actions.
  • Helping to establish liability and prove ownership/keepership.
  • Assists in control measures in case of diseases, especially important in those that can be passed from dogs to humans.
  • Deterring dog theft.

How much does pet microchipping cost?

Microchips are incredibly cost effective technology, most implanters charge around £20 to microchip your pet and free services are available in some areas. All our microchips come with basic lifetime registration onto Chipworks. Should your details change, there is a small charge to amend your information.

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