At the Heart of Pet Identification Technology

Pet-ID Microchips is at the forefront of pet identification technology. Our team works with professional microchip implanters to educate their clients and promote microchipping for the welfare of all animals. Our marketing support includes promotional leaflets, posters and flyers, along with a plethora of practical advice to help you successfully promote pet microchipping.  All Pet-ID Microchips sales and support staff are trained to microchip, so the support they offer is based on firsthand experience.

Pet-ID Microchips is a member of the Microchip Trade Association – MTA.  The MTA and was formed in August 2012 to encourage standards of excellence within the industry and consists of both suppliers and manufacturers of microchipping equipment.

UK and worldwide distribution

Pet-ID Microchips operate worldwide through international distributors supported by our UK based customer service team. Click here to see our distribution partners.

For more information about Pet-ID Microchips and our microchipping products and services, please contact us

Key benefits of Pet-ID Microchips

  • Guaranteed for life
  • Swiss-engineered precision technology
  • Supplied in the narrowest gauge needle for 12mm microchips and coated with Parylene-C  to ensure microchips stay in place
  • Registered onto Chipworks
  • Fully traceable with our complete backtrack system
  • Manufactured to ISO 11784/11785 – suitable for The Pet Travel Scheme
  • Come with four weeks’ free insurance cover (for qualifying dogs and cats)
  • Pet -ID Microchips is a member of the Microchip Trade Association

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