Free transfer of keepership for Pet-ID microchips

February 5, 2018 / News / No Comments

Pet-ID Microchips will be joining the growing number of microchip providers who offer free transfer of keepership from breeders to new puppy owners. This follows extensive customer feedback about the registration process since compulsory microchipping for dogs became law in April 2016. Pet-ID also conducted a survey to understand more about how our customers and their clients feel about the current registration service.

As a result of all the things our customers said, we looked for ways to make the registration service more flexible and provide a one-stop shop for customers. One of the key frustrations was the transfer of keepership for new puppies from the breeder to the new owner which has created extra cost simply because the law requires that the puppy must be first registered in the name of the breeder. That’s something we wanted to change.

So, from 23 February 2018 Pet-ID microchips will be registered on the Chipworks database. Chipworks is a UK-based, fully Defra compliant registration and reunification database that Pet-ID has developed in conjunction with the operators of the successful Fido database in Ireland. Fido has been providing registration services since 2005. Chipworks is also an associate of EPN (EuroPetNet) which consolidates member databases across Europe to help with the identification and reunification of animals.

This new service will enable Pet-ID to offer free online transfer of keepership from breeders to new owners as long as puppies are identified as having been registered to the breeder when the microchip is first registered.

It’s not a legal requirement for new kittens to be registered to breeders. Cat breeders who have their kittens microchipped can continue to register kittens in the name of the new owner. Alternatively, if cat breeders choose to register kittens to themselves in the first instance, Pet-ID will offer the same free transfer of keepership service.

We have additional plans for the future, including streamlining the transfer of keepership for pets that are taken in by welfare organisations and subsequently rehomed.