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We have a number of veterinary practices that offer Pet-ID microchips.

Why should I have my pet microchipped?

If you’ve ever experienced the anxiety felt when your pet goes missing, you will
appreciate that a microchip gives you the reassurance of knowing your pet is
identifiable as yours and can be quickly returned; even when you’re aboard.
While collar tags are an important element of pet care and security, and still a
legal requirement, they are simply not as reliable a safeguard and theft deterrent
as a microchip.  Unlike collar identity tags microchips cannot fall off …
or be removed.

One simple injection means lifetime protection for your pet
Because you love your pet and want to do all you can to ensure they remain safely
in your company is probably enough reason for you to have your pet microchipped.
Especially, when you consider that without reliable identification, your pet could be
lost forever. However, dog owners should note, Compulsory Microchipping of Dogs is already law in Northern Ireland and soon to be law in England and Wales.

How much does pet microchipping cost?
Most implanters charge around £20 to microchip your pet, although free services
are available in some areas. All Pet-ID Microchips come with basic lifetime
registration onto Petlog included. Should your details change, there is a small
charge by Petlog to amend your information.