Microchip implant training


Pet-ID has been providing training courses for many years. Our Microchip Implant Training Course is Lantra accredited.  This is a fully assessed nationally recognised Awards Level 3 qualification and meets the requirements of UK compulsory microchipping legislation.

Our comprehensive 1-day training course is suitable for UK pet professionals wishing to implant companion animals including dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets. Our courses are run by experienced Lantra approved assessors and are structured to ensure delegates are taught to microchip companion animals* safely and accurately and understand the technology, legislation and the registration and reunification processes.

Delegates are continually assessed throughout the course. Group sessions (max. 6 delegates) are often more beneficial as they promote greater discussion and questioning and delegates learn from watching a larger number and variety of animals being implanted than would be possible in an individual session.

The course is ideal for breeders, animal wardens, animal welfare staff, veterinary staff and all those working with companion animals. It is open to candidates over 18 years old, who must, with reasonable adjustments, be able to undertake the full range of competences required to achieve this qualification.

Please note, implanters who have been trained by Pet-ID Microchips prior to 24th February 2015 will be adopted into the new scheme.

For information on future course dates, please visit our contact page.

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*cats, dogs, rabbits and ferrets