Insurance for other pets

Pet insurance from Pet-ID doesn’t stop at cats and dogs. We offer choice, flexibility, and a range of optional extras for species including birds, reptiles, tortoises and small mammals.


We all do our best to look after our exotic pets but you never know when your pet may become ill. Any sign of weakness in the wild would make them easy prey so exotic pets are known to hide their condition until they are very ill. Sometimes this can mean that hospitalisation and intensive care is required.

You’ll want your pet to get the best possible treatment but the cost of vet bills can build up quickly and the specialised equipment and skills required in caring for exotics can mean increased costs. Pet insurance can help pay for the treatment your pet needs and help you avoid extra stress and worry.

Insurance plans

Cover section Premier
12 months
(per condition)
12 months
(per condition)
12 months
(per condition)
Veterinary fees £5,000 £3,000 £1,000
Complementary treatment
   (included in vet fee limit)
£500 £400 £300
Saying goodbye
   (included in vet fee limit)
£100 £100 £100
Advertising & reward
   (per year)
£150 £100 £50
Third party liability £1,000,000 £1,000,000 £1,000,000
Death from injury or illness – purchase price – – purchase price – – purchase price –
Loss from theft, fire
or weather perils
– purchase price – – purchase price – – purchase price –

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Terms, conditions and excesses apply and may be varied at renewal.

No cover is provided for pre-existing conditions. Cover is available for reptiles and mammals from 8 weeks of age and for birds and testudines (tortoises etc.) from 12 weeks of age. For mammals, you must start the insurance before their 5th birthday, for reptiles before their 15th birthday, for birds before their 25th birthday and for testudines before their 30th birthday.

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