Chipworks is live!

February 23, 2018 / News / No Comments

We’re pleased to announce that Chipworks is now live!

Chipworks is a new UK-based, fully Defra compliant registration and reunification database that Pet-ID has developed in conjunction with the operators of the successful Fido database in Ireland.

This new service will enable Pet-ID to offer free transfer of keepership from breeders to new owners. Puppies must be identified as having been registered to the breeder when the microchip is first registered.

Chipworks is also an associate of EPN (EuroPetNet) which consolidates member databases across Europe to help with the identification and reunification of animals.

We have further plans for the future, including streamlining the transfer of keepership for pets that are taken in by welfare organisations and subsequently rehomed.

If you register microchips online, we will be contacting you to provide your new credentials for the Chipworks online service.

If you register microchips through a veterinary PMS that links to Vet Envoy or if you are a welfare organisation using AniLog animal management software, your microchip registrations will be automatically redirected.