Pet-ID Owner Information Pack

October 23, 2014 / News / No Comments


We have now launched our Owner Information Pack for pet owners to take away at the time of microchipping.  All too often the newly microchipped animals’ owner goes away without understanding the process of registration and reunification and believes the implanter or someone will “take care of everything” from that point forward.

We felt a duty of care to ensure the end user is aware of their requirement to keep their animals details up to date, ie, if they move home or the pet’s ownership changes, especially with Compulsory Microchipping of Dogs becoming law in England on 6 April 2016 and in Wales on 1 March 2015.  We are aware there is a lack of understanding of just who to contact regarding any changes to the registered details, or what to do if a pet has gone missing, say Pet-ID Microchips.

The Owner Information Pack has everything your client ever wanted to know about the process of registration, reunification and updating information.  In a sturdy bright attractive folder is a pre-packed sterilised microchip and a free collar tag suitable for the smallest of companion animals.   One of the barcode stickers can be attached to the pack and details filled out for the owner to take away.

There’s also a handy plastic card with space to fill in the pet’s name and microchip number alongside the data base contact phone number, together with a QR code which links to information on everything associated with lost & found animals and updating information.