Cheap as Chips? Think carefully before your buy …

December 4, 2014 / News / No Comments


With compulsory microchipping for all dogs looming, microchip suppliers are seeing an increase in demand as implanters prepare for the inevitable rush to get Britain’s dogs chipped. Whilst this is a positive move forward for a nation of animal lovers, we recommend implanters to think carefully before putting costs on the list of requirements


It may seem like a no-brainer to go for the cheapest supplier, but we would urge implanters to look at the bigger picture when it comes to choosing a supplier.  We are a caring profession, fuelled by our customers, who are in turn motivated by the love of their animals. Whilst money is rarely no object and finding ways to save is important, microchips should not be one of the ways to save a few pennies. There is a general belief is that all microchips are the same but this is simply not the case.  Yes, all microchips are made to an ISO standard, however there are a variety of differences in production procedures.  One can use the analogy of a 2 litre diesel car, they all have a 2 litre engine but can vary dramatically in build quality, reliability and performance.


That said, the actual device is a cog in a far greater wheel and it stands to reason that a supplier who uses the most advanced databases, who trains its personnel carefully, and who is capable of stepping up to the mark when a pet goes missing – is the obvious choice for implanters who are truly committed to providing the very best service to its customers.


Pet-ID Microchips has been established for over 20 years and offers a full back up and support service to its customers.  This extends to the end user – the pet owner. We pride ourselves on always having experienced help at the end of the phone, no matter what the query. Our staff are all trained implanters, fully conversant with legislation, and most importantly, passionately committed to helping with the end goal, successful reunification of lost pets and their owners.


Our message is simple. Look not only at the chip that you’re buying, but at what else you get for your money. You cannot put a price on customer satisfaction, and when things go wrong and pets go missing, that is when those who have opted to go for a complete microchip identification and reunification service will find that a little extra cost at the outset is money very well spent.